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Eli's Ridge is a growing community in Winterville, North Carolina, and it's home to some of the best schools in the area. Whether your child is just starting out in kindergarten or getting ready for college, Eli's Ridge has a school that's right for them.

Creekside Elementary School

On Google Maps, Creekside Elementary in Winterville, North Carolina, has a rating of 3.5 stars. All pupils will receive a top-notch education, be held to high standards, and be in a secure setting at the school. In order to encourage pupils to realise their full potential, it promotes community and family ties. The school implements a Common Core-based curriculum that is open to all students, rigorous and encourages learning and creativity in a supportive, secure setting. The qualified teaching staff is committed to creating a supportive learning environment.

Pitt County Schools Early College High School

It was established in Fall 2015 with the intention of giving students the chance to obtain a high school diploma, two years of transferable college credit, or an associate's degree. It is situated in Winterville, North Carolina, USA. For first-generation college-bound and traditionally underrepresented students, the school offers a personalised, intellectually stimulating atmosphere on the Pitt Community College campus which is closest to the new Bill Clark Homes community.

From four teachers, four staff members, 75 students, and one small facility, the school has expanded to 13 teachers, nine support staff members, and over 300 pupils. Since 2018, the school has been hosted on campus in a cutting-edge structure. The school's slogan is "Different Breed... Same Pack" and its colours are turquoise and black. The school emphasises Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (S.T.E.M.) and strives to foster a feeling of community and family that meets the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual requirements of its pupils.

The objective of the school is to develop an atmosphere of academic success, personal growth, and a caring community. Students are expected to be well-prepared, academically focused, calm, cool, and collected, polite, and respectful of all others.

Christ Covenant School

Christ Covenant School, founded in 2000, is a non-denominational classical Christian college preparation school in Winterville, North Carolina, USA. Through a traditional Christian pedagogy, the school aspires to teach students to think and live as Christians. The school's enrolment has steadily increased over the last 24 years, reaching over 400 pupils in 2023-2024. In 2017, the school graduated sixteen seniors, all of them were accepted to top institutions and proved distinction by receiving four National Merit Scholarship nominations.

Christ Covenant School is a member of ERB and SCL and serves families from over thirty-five area churches. AdvancED certification was granted to the institution in 2014. The purpose of the school is to mould and shape pupils using well-thought-out classical approaches that emphasise academic proficiency, logic, reasoning, ethical living, and holiness. The ideal Christ Covenant School graduate demonstrates the school's distinction in academics, lifelong learning, thinking, and following Christ's thought.

Ridgewood Elementary School

Ridgewood Elementary School, which opened its doors in 2008, educates kindergarten through fifth-graders with an emphasis on their academic, social, and emotional growth. The school gives its pupils the tools they need to develop into self-directed, inventive problem solvers and critical thinkers. Ridgewood collaborates to establish high goals while also recognising the needs of its pupils.

The school equips its students with the skills they need to become independent, resourceful problem solvers and critical thinkers. Ridgewood works together to set ambitious goals while also taking its students' needs into consideration.

W.H. Robinson Elementary School

Winterville's W.H. Robinson Elementary School is a public elementary school. It is a school in the Pitt County School District. Google Maps gives the school a rating of 4.2 stars.

According to the school's website, Kindergarten is the lowest grade offered. Mrs. Roundtree, the school's principal, has 16 years of teaching experience.

Teachers, instructional coaches, and cafeteria employees are among the staff members listed on the school's website.


Eli's Ridge is the ideal spot to live if you're seeking a wonderful community in which to raise your family. It has plenty to offer everyone with its top-notch educational facilities, secure neighbourhoods, and family-friendly activities.


What are the best schools in Eli's Ridge, Winterville, North Carolina?

Some of the best schools in Eli's Ridge, Winterville, North Carolina include:

  • Creekside Elementary School
  • Pitt County Schools Early College High School
  • Christ Covenant School
  • Ridgewood Elementary School
  • W.H. Robinson Elementary School

What is the Creekside Elementary School curriculum?

  • Creekside Elementary School follows a Common Core-based curriculum that is available to all kids, rigorous, and supports learning and creativity in a safe and supportive environment.

What is Pitt County Schools Early College High School's mission?

  • Pitt County Schools Early College High School's objective is to give students the option of earning a high school diploma, two years of transferable college credit, or an associate's degree.

What are Christ Covenant School's basic values?

  • Christ Covenant School's key values are as follows: Academic Achievement Theological Worldview Character Development in the Christian Community Servant Leadership

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